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BMAC evolved from our predecessor, the Canadian Lithium Association (CLA), which was originally started in 2019 by a group of lithium developers in the Canadian prairies. Since then, we have recognized the importance of engagement along the entire Canadian battery metals supply chain. Lithium ion batteries rely on numerous raw materials to ensure a thriving and robust industry. Many of these raw materials — including lithium, nickel, cobalt, silica, graphite, phosphate, and others — are abundant in Canada. Their development is paramount as we implement a successful Critical Minerals Strategy and capitalize on this tremendous economic opportunity. BMAC supports the entire value chain from raw materials through to end-use and represents a wide group of organizations focused on developing the necessary constituents of an expanding lithium-ion battery market in Canada.


BMAC is run by a passionate team and executive volunteers from the industry. Interested in volunteering? Send us an email at [email protected]

Eric Pelletier

Board Member Chairman

Matt Beck

Board Member Treasurer

Mitchell Smith

Board Member

Liz Lappin

Board Member

Robin Boschman

Board Member

David Redford

Board Member

Sean De Vries

Executive Director

Alexandra Fischer

Membership and Marketing Lead

Jean T

Research and Communications Analyst


In 2042, Canada’s battery metals supply chain is a significant contributor to Canada’s prosperity and the global energy transition. We know that we have been successful if the Canadian battery metals value chain:

…is a sought-after supplier of battery metals and of value added, finished goods and exportable technologies that meet our decarbonization needs domestically and supports world markets.

…sets world-leading ESG standards and transparency for the global industry in responsible and sustainable mining.

…contributes significantly to the social and economic well-being in the communities we work in and the equity seeking groups we work with.

attracts, builds and retains talent through research, development & deployment.

…serves to build and grow the value chain as a whole to expand opportunities for all.

…collaborates North American-wide to commit to investment across nations in battery metal/mineral extraction and processing.

recycles and reuses materials and components as part of a geographically-optimized circular economy connected to the rest of North America.


BMAC’s mission is to grow the battery industry in Canada and to expand the domestic supply chain through connection.

From supporting key research and development initiatives to building a strong interconnected industry, while promoting new policy options – BMAC is dedicated to building a strong and enduring battery metals industry in Canada.

Our key focus areas for 2022 are:

  1. Provide a platform for Coordination, Cooperation & Collaboration
  2. Spearhead a National Strategy in collaboration with partners
  3. Lead on ESG Practices
  4. Encourage Investment in Our Industry

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Joining BMAC is a great way to gain insights into the battery metals space and support its development in Canada. The relationships that BMAC has forged both within its membership and broadly in the battery community is a resource to all members.

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